Get Paid to Book with Us 

The CashBack! Subscription Offer

A subscription to Relovate's CashBack! Rewards Program costs $5.00 per month.  As a Rewards member, we give you money back on your bookings, like hotels, car rentals and more. In effect, we pay you to book with us.   

Picture This!

You and your Significant Other are planning a 5 night stay at  a cool hotel in, Santa Fe, New Mexico.  The room rate is $150 per night, you'll rent a car for getting around at $50/day.  You book 2 activities at $60 each, and decide to use black car service for rides to the airport. All in, that's $1200.00.  As a CashBack! Rewards member we estimate you'll get back from Relovate $65.00.  That's about 5% of your total spending.  

And you can do this on every trip you book with Relovate!

CashBack for THAT trip?

Yes!  THAT trip.  The one you and your friends are thinking about but never start.  Or the one to visit your sister who lives in a studio!  Even the college reunion.  Your life is full of trips.  Plan and book them all, here, as a CashBack! member and get back some of your travel dollars.  

Getting Your Cash

Relovate CashBack! members control when they want to cash out. Do it after every trip, or let it build up. The Dashboard tracks your CashBack! balance, what's been paid and what is pending, along with your total. 


Our hotel providers like to reserve their lowest rates for members only.  When you are a Rewards member or a registered user, we show you their lowest rates. 

What's the Catch?

No catch.  So long as your membership is in good standing from the time you book through to the period when Relovate collects the monies due, you are entitled to cash back. An estimate of the cash back you can expect every travel option will be displayed.  If you don't see an estimate, then that particular item isn't part of our Rewards Program--yet!  

The Fine Print

Of course, there is some fine print.  You'll see it during the subscription sign in process, or you can read the CashBack! Terms & Conditions right here. 

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